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NASML MTAC-USPS Statement of Purpose

As an Association Member of the USPS® Postmaster Generals Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) since 2005, to collaborate with the vision, promise and strategic planning of the USPS “Information Platform”; including but not limited, to USPS PostalOne!®, Intelligent Mail™, FAST™, Service Measurement and Improvements.

To provide a forum to represent the common – systemic interest(s) of our NASML members; mail owners, mail service providers (MSP), mail logistics and data management with the USPS. Including, electronic strategy regarding operational issues such as; acceptance and delivery service, mail tracking and visibility, intelligent mail systems, products and design and management.

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Membership Overview

NASML provides its select membership exclusive access to participate with variety USPS (MTAC) surveys, meetings - events and critical timely announcements, as well as exclusive “Concierge level” 1:1 industry – USPS support, service as needed and applicable discounts.  


NASML has been the driving “spearhead” for Standard Class Mail for Prep & Entry, Operations and Payment & Acceptance industry improvements of:

• USPS 8125 form rules and re-write.

• Overturned the USPS discontinuation mandated USPS signatures on nationwide (BOL) Bill of Ladings.

• The first industry association to obtain authorization and disseminate USPS IM FULL SERVICE™ Verification and Acceptance Processes.

• Assisted member becoming the FIRST (Certified) USPS Full Service Intelligent Mail PostalOne - eDoc Mail Service Provider.

  • Rose Flanagan NASML Director:  • Current MTAC Executive Industry Leader of Standard Mail Class of Mail    
  • Lisa Bowes NASML Director: • Current Industry Lead on UG4 Informed Visibility. 
  • Rich Domagala NASML Director: Most impactful driving force on FAST User Group 3.

Your NASML MTAC Representation

Norine Butte, President and Founder

Since 2005, Norine has served as an Executive Association Representative of the USPS Postmaster Generals Mailers Technical Advisory Committee for (NASML) National Alliance of Standard Mailers & Logistics. Prior to 2005, Norine had actively participated with MTAC workgroups since 2001. This collective group of commercial mailing industry professionals work hand-in-hand with workgroup object identified processes and the senior level of the USPS; in order to safeguard, create and implement USPS policy on-behalf of our commercial mailing industry. 

Contact Norine: nasml@tx.rr.com

Rose Flanagan, Director Representative

• Current MTAC Executive Industry Leader of Standard Mail Class of Mail

• Past 11+ years has actively served and participated in numerous MTAC Industry leadership roles at the Executive level, as well as serving as User and Work groups leadership supporting Standard Class mail processing, payments and logistics. 

Contact Rose: rosef@data-mail.com

Lisa Bowes, Director Representative

  • Current Industry Lead on UG4 Informed Visibility, 

• Current Industry Lead WG 177 on Addressing and ACS best practices. 

• Actively participates and on the roster in the following: 

WG179 PostalOne! Roadmap

WG177  Improvements in Address Quality Methodologies and ACS Best Practices INDUSTRY CHAIR

WG176 Streamlining RIBBS information

WG174 An informed delivery APP

WG173 Payment Modernization

WG171 Improving Accuracy and Use of UAA Reason Codes              SPONSORED

WG167  Solutions for Pieces Excluded from Service Measurement

UG10 Mail Acceptance and Payment

UG5 Addressing: Technology and Business Strategy

UG4 IMb Tracing / Informed Visibility INDUSTRY CO CHAIR UG3                 FAST & elnduction User Group     In Work Group

UG1 PostalOne!, SASP, Intelligent Mail 

Contact Lisa: Lisa.Bowes@intelisent.com

Rich Domagala, Director Representative

 Most impactful is still being a driving force on FAST User Group 3. Instrumental in the following: • Reducing No Show appointments to free up appointment slots • Working on the implementation of new appointment making protocols so appointment number can be valid for 72 hours past origin appointment time upon one time reschedule. • Working on the new carrier rating system that is fairer and more realistic than current one. Developed new ratings that will be discussed by leadership after the first of the year and planned for implementation during second quarter CY2017. • Also participated on various work groups and nominated and ran for MTAC Industry Standard Mail leadership position. 

Contact Rich: rdomagala@mysticlogistics.com


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